JX-2P plus

i-Stamp2P project board (new version - add LCD port, servo port and DS18B20)


  • Socket for i-Stamp2P (OEM BASIC Stamp2P40)
  • RJ-11 female connector for downloading and communication
  • +5V power supply on board
  • Free 24 of i-Stamp2P port (P0 to P15 and A0 to A7)
  • Provides in 3-pin JST connector for P0 to P7
  • Free 24 of i-Stamp2P port (P0 to P15 and A0 to A7)
  • 3 of RC servo motor port (P13 to P15)
  • LCD module interfacing with brightness adjustment (LCD module 16x2 with cable is optional; sold separated) connected with A9 to A15 of i-Stamp2P port.
  • DS18B20 1-wire Temperature sensor IC on-board (A8 port)
  • Prototype area 8.5x5.5 cm. with 200 soldering pad both 100mil (2.54mm.) spacing and 80mil (2.0mm.) spacing. Support the small beadboard (optional - sold sold separated)
  • Board size 9.5 x 13 cm.
  • 2 of power supply terminals
    - For i-Stamp and any interfacing circuit; use the external power supply such as DC adpator or battery 6 to12V 500mA (not include), on-board polarity protection circuit. Include the power switch and LED indicator.
    - For the servo motor; support 4.8 to 6Vdc. Use 2-pin terminal block and have the power swith with LED indicator.
  • Includes :
    - JX-2P plus board
    - CX-4 serial port interface cable
    - Documentation
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