POP-XT Board

This is new version of INEX's Arduino compatible robotics controller board. It based on ATmega32U4; the USB microcontroller from Atmel. It works with Arduino1.0 or higher in C/C++ programming environment. POP-XT is included in Super POP-BOT; the new Arduino Leonardo compatible robotic kit. Super POP-BOT is newer version of the popular POP-BOT robot kit from INEX.

This board comes complete with everything you need to start mobile robotics using the popular Arduino platform. DC Drivers are inbuilt into the board. packaged with its programmble Graphics LCD.

Features :

- ATmega32U4 The USB microcontroller run with 16MHz and Arduino Leonardo boot loader.

- 32KB FLASH; Arduino Leonardo bootloader preinstalled, 2.5KB SRAM and 1KB EEPROM

- Direct USB download and communication. Not require external programmer

- 12 Programmable I/O pins include 8 analog inputs. Available with 3-pin of 2mm. JST connectors and routed to 2.54mm. IDC female header

- 8 of  10-bit ADC channels

- UART, I2C bus and SPI communications. The SPI ports available on 2.54mm. female header.

- The female header port supports the GLCD-XT; color graphic LCD extension shield board.

- Mini USB connector

- Supply voltage 4.8 to 7.2Vdc

- Powered by 4 of AA batteries. Support alkaline and rechargeable batteries (recommended).

- Supply voltage is powerful by using +5V boost switching regulator circuit

- High-quality PCB with ROHS
- Measures approx. 6.7 x 6.7cm.

 - USB status LED
- RESET button

- 2 of DC motor driver with direction indicators. Voltage output is 4.8 to 7.2V.

- 3 of RC servo motor. Support the servo motors that use +4. 80 to 7.20V range. The 4.8 and 6.0V supply are recommended.

- Supplied with 4 of AA battery holder. The batteries are not included.

- 1.8" TFT color graphic LCD 128x160 pixels with 262K color

- 4-wire SPI interface with ATmega32U4

- Includes the white LED backlight and +3.3V power supply circuit   

- On-board variable resistor and 1 user button on only one analog input of microcontroller

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