ATX2 Arduino Comprehensive Microcontroller Board

ATX2 Microcontroller Board

The ATX2 Microcontroller Board is capable of controlling 6 DC Motors and 8 Servo Motors Simultaneously. It supports up to 8 Analog inputs and also comes with a color GLCD display screen. The ATX2 Microcontroller board can also be programmed with Arduino or C++ programming language.


  • The Atmega644 is the main controller of this board. It has a 8-ch 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter, 128kb Flash Memory, 4KB EEPROM, 4KB Ram. It is operated with a 16MHZ External Crystal
  • There are 0 to 31 Digital Ports, with standard +5v, Signal & GND pins
  • 13 Programmable ports , Includes Digital I/O (2,3,8,9,18,24 to 31), 8 Analog ports ( A0 to A7 ), Two wire interface, UART and TWI and UART ports for third party interfacing
  • All the Analog ports are supported by 0 to +5vdc input. Its 10bit conversion which returns 0 to 1023 values
  • Push Button, Knob, Piezo Speaker, Reset Buttons
  • UART port for interfacing with other serial devices
  • 128x160 color GLCD display, that supports line art, background color, and text up to 21 characters per line, 16 lines
  • 6 DC Motor outputs, supports 4.5v to 9v 1.2A per motor output
  • 8 channel Servo Motor outputs
  • USB programmable PPort
  • Power and Reset Switch
  • 2 power inputs, DC Power Jack and 2 pin Terminal Block
  • Requires +6v to 9v 500ma for normal ( NON MOBILE ) and at least 1500ma for MOBILE robotics
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